Jasper Jones is a 2009 novel by Fremantle-based writer Craig Silvey. It has won and been shortlisted for several major awards, and in 2012 was selected by the University of Canberra as its inaugural UC Book of the Year for 2013.


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Protagonist Charlie Bucktin is a thirteen-year-old boy living in the regional mining town of Corrigan. He reflects that he is somewhat socially awkward, being uncoordinated in a town that values sporting ability. He is relatively intelligent – a fact which causes the other students to resent him. His best friend is Jeffrey Lu, a Vietnamese boy who, along with his parents, experiences racial discrimination throughout the novel. On a summer evening in 1965, Charlie is visited by fourteen-year-old Jasper Jones, an outcast in Corrigan due to his mixed White-Aboriginal heritage. Jasper takes Charlie to his secret glade in the bush where Charlie bears witness to a terrible discovery.


Charlie Bucktin: The thirteen-year-old-protagonist and narrator of the novel. He is intellectual rather than athletic. This makes him somewhat of an outsider in Corrigan, where sporting ability is highly valued. He aspires to become a writer in the future, and reads notable books during the course of the novel, including Pudd'nhead Wilson and Innocents Abroad. He is an unwilling witness to Jasper's terrible discovery.

Jasper Jones: An Australian halfcast boy, Jasper is an outcast in Corrigan. He is fourteen, but Charlie states that Jasper looks much older. He is the town's scapegoat, and the first name to be blamed for any kind of trouble. He hence has a bad reputation, but often is blamed for crimes he does not commit. Jasper's father is physically abusive and suffers from an addiction to alcohol. This prompts Jasper to steal for food, as there is no money left in the house. Jasper's mother died when he was young, and Jasper tells Charlie he does not remember anything about her. Jasper regularly smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol.

Eliza Wishart: Charlie's romantic interest, Eliza is described as intelligent and slightly resembling Audrey Hepburn. She is the younger sister of Laura Wishart.

Laura Wishart: Eliza's older sister and Jasper Jones' love interest.

Jeffrey Lu: Charlie's best friend. He is a year younger than Charlie but has skipped a year in school because of his intellect. Charlie admits that Jeffrey is smarter than he is. Because of his Vietnamese heritage, Jeffrey often experiences racial discrimination. However Charlie describes him as unflappable, and Jeffrey seemingly takes the abuse and prejudice in good humour.

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The novel is published in the UK by Windmill Books.[3]


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