Why Join The Fruits' Information Wiki

Everyone loves this original wiki as it has been here since 2009. But have you noticed some articles like Apple and Orange have very basic details? If you want to know just that, this is the perfect wiki for you. But if you are struggling with the lack of information, go to the Fruits' Information Wiki and find out more! Contribute and grow that wiki too. We add in extra details such as Appearance, Flower and Production! If you would like to join the community at Fruits' Information Wiki, click the link and join now! You may also borrow some of our ideas and structural programming of each article! Help create more articles and we will bond this two wikis together!

Extra Goodies!

We provide things like:

- More than 100 available articles!

- Articles that give you breaks!

- Properly categorized articles!

- Two more languages!

- Infoboxes and tables!

- Achievements!

- And much more!

Why We Informing You About This

We still know this wiki is original and we are sort of maybe, letting the Fruits' Information Wiki "copy" this wiki but notice that the all the admins have not been active recently. Even the founder has been inactive since 2009! So we are kind of updating this wiki. One more note: Get 1200 points in achievements and you will become an Administrator on the Fruits' Information Wiki! And stop reading, start joining!